In this agreement, I, ME, MINE, and MY mean each and all of those who signed this Checking/Share Draft Agreement. The words YOU, YOUR, and YOURS mean UFCW Local 1776 Federal Credit Union.

I authorize you to open a Checking/Share Draft Account for me. You are authorized to pay checks/share drafts signed by me or one of my joint owners and the payments will be charged against my Checking/Share Draft Account or my Overdraft Protection Line-of-Credit.

 I agree that:

only check/share draft blanks and other methods approved by you may be used to withdraw funds from my Checking/Share Draft Account;

 you are not obligated to pay a check/share draft which exceeds the balance in my Checking/Share Draft Account; you may, however, add the amount of the overdraft to my open-end loan agreement up to the loan limit approved and subject to the terms of my open-end loan agreement. You are not obligated to pay a check/share draft more than six months old. I agree that such additions to my open-end loan account will be for provident consumer purposes;

except for negligence, you are not liable for any action you take regarding the payment or nonpayment of a check/share draft;

if my Checking/Share Draft Account becomes overdrawn due to your payment of one or more of my checks/share drafts, you may transfer funds from another account to cover the overdraft. I understand that the credit union will not automatically transfer funds from another share account to cover checks/share drafts I have written;

 any objection to any item shown on a statement of my Checking/Share Draft Account will be waived unless made in writing to you on or before the Sixtieth day following the day the statement is mailed;

all non-cash payments on shares in my Checking/Share Draft Account will be credited subject to final payment;

 the use of my Checking/Share Draft Account is subject to service charges in accordance with rate schedules adopted by UFCW Local 1776 Federal Credit Union from time to time;

you are authorized to recognize any of the signatures below in the payment of funds or the transaction of any business for this account. The joint owners of this account agree with each other and you that all sums now paid in on shares and hereafter paid in on shares by any or all joint owners are and shall be owned by them jointly, as joint tenants, and are subject to the withdrawal or receipt by any of them. Payment to any of them or the survivor or survivors shall discharge you from any liability for such payment;

your authority under this agreement may not be changed or terminated by me, except by written notice to you, which will not affect any prior transaction.
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